10 Awesome Thor Moments We"ll Miss Out On If Chris Hemsworth Never Returns To The MCU

Several incredible Thor moments will never happen if Chris Hemsworth doesn’t come back for another Marvel movie. The credits of his last movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, promised “Thor will return.” In spite of that, questions remain regarding Hemsworth’s future as the character in the MCU.
Hemsworth’s comments have made Thor’s continued relevance to the MCU less than a certainty. Rather than confirm his involvement with more Marvel projects, Hemsworth has only discussed his return as a possibility. Based on the actor’s comments, Hemsworth is open to coming back, but that scenario would depend on the tone and the story being told. Supposing Hemsworth opts against reprising the role in any future MCU installments, Marvel would lose out on a great deal of storytelling potential. After all, there are so many stories and moments from the comics that Thor’s return would lend the MCU.
Thor vs. Adam Warlock Before being rebranded as Adam Warlock, the genetically engineered being known as Him was still figuring out the ways of life when he went up against Thor. After trying to take Lady Sif as his mate, Adam found himself in a brutal slugfest with Thor. Thor prevailed in the end, but Adam Warlock’s power level made him one of Thor’s most challenging adversaries. Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3., Adam Warlock now exists in the MCU. That, combined with Thor’s connection to the group, makes a fight between them a real possibility for the Multiverse Saga.


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