DC Just Gave Batman & Joker Their Most Awkward Connection Yet

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Gotham Knights season 1, episode 10, "Poison Pill."One young romance in the Gotham Knights show would likely prompt a war between Joker and Batman. Luckily for Gotham City, both the Dark Knight and the Clown Price of Crime are already dearly departed in the series set outside the Earth-Prime Arrowverse. However, the possibility of them spinning in their graves in response to recent events seems likely.
The potentially explosive romance came about in the closing moments of Gotham Knights episode 10, "Poison Pill." The episode found Batman's adopted son, Turner Hayes, dying of radiation poisoning. This was determined to be a side effect of his exposure to the mystic element Electrum, which the Court of Owls used to create their immortal Talon super soldiers. This left the rest of the Knights scrambling for a cure, ultimately seeking the help of Carrie Kelley's mother, who is a noted doctor. While the entire team was disturbed by the possibility of Turner's death, it was Duela Doe, the Joker's Daughter, who seemed the most distraught.


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