Awkwafina Wants To Be In Star Wars Or A Live-Action Raya The Last Dragon

The Little Mermaid star Awkwafina discusses a potential live-action Raya and the Last Dragon adaptation and pitches a hilarious role as her Star Wars debut. Awkwafina has been a part of numerous Disney projects, starring as Sisu the Dragon in Raya and the Last Dragon, Shang-Chi's best friend Katy in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and now Scuttle in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. If Awkwafina joins the Star Wars universe, she'll join a rare group of actors who have hit the Disney brand trifecta.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Little Mermaid, Awkwafina shared her thoughts about potentially joining the Star Wars universe or seeing Raya and the Last Dragon brought to life in live action. She pitched a hilarious Mandalorian role as her potential Star Wars debut. Awkwafina also expressed her interest in a live-action Raya and the Last Dragon before praising the original animation. Check out the full quote and interview with Awkwafina below:
Awkwafina: I'm definitely trying to get a part as Baby Yoda's girlfriend. If that exists, let me know. A live action Raya would be awesome, too. Although I actually thought Raya was like I was in a live action because it looks so real. But yeah, it's an honor to be doing movies like these.
Is Star Wars Or Live Action Raya The Last Dragon On Awkwafina's Horizon? Although there aren't any reports of Awkwafina joining Star Wars or a live-action Raya and the Last Dragon in the works, her relationship with Disney is clearly strong. Her ability to bring perfect comedic timing and wit to any scenario makes her a strong addition to any cast, which she has proven in numerous blockbusters. Awkwafina continuing to collaborate with Disney seems likely, and given the number of cameos in Star Wars, her appearance could be on the horizon.


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