The Flash Movie Clip Reveals More Of Keaton"s Batcave & Search For Superman

A new clip from The Flash movie previews Michael Keaton's Batcave as Batman agrees to help Barry Allen to find Superman. After having been in the DCEU for years, Barry Allen is finally getting his own movie as Ezra Miller returns as the Scarlet Speedster this summer. While the fastest man alive will be the central character of the story, The Flash will also weave in the larger multiverse, including the return of Keaton as Batman.
With The Flash movie coming up in only a few weeks, Fandango has released a new clip from the upcoming DCEU film. The footage sees the two different versions of Barry exploring the Batcave before Keaton's Bruce Wayne arrives.
The clip shows a point in The Flash movie after Barry discovers that he is trapped in a different universe, hence why he is trying to find Superman. This is also prior to them having found Kara Zor-El, who will be played by Sasha Calle.


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