Mark Hamill Supports Young Luke Skywalker Recast After Returning Twice With CGI

Mark Hamill has expressed his support for recasting the young Luke Skywalker in future Star Wars projects set during The Mandalorian era. Viewers were delighted when, at the end of The Mandalorian season 2's finale, Din Djarin and Grogu were rescued by the unexpected arrival of Luke Skywalker - with the part played by Mark Hamill himself using deepfake technology. Hamill has since returned in The Book of Boba Fett, and there's been speculation Luke Skywalker could be a major draw in this time period given Lucasfilm's ambitious plans.
Hamill raised the prospect himself in an interview with Esquire, and although he appreciated the approach - which he knew couldn't be cheap - he instead expressed support for a recast.
"People say, 'Oh, now you're going to be able to do a whole series of Luke post-Return of the Jedi.' I said, 'I don't think so.' First of all, they don't need to tell those stories, but if they do, they could get an age-appropriate actor."
It's important to note Hamill didn't reject the idea of more Luke Skywalker cameos, and he certainly didn't indicate anything about whether he could return as a Force ghost in an upcoming Rey movie. "One thing you learn working for Lucasfilm," he noted. "Everything is confidential. Everything is confidential. So, if I were involved, I wouldn't be able to tell you. And if I were not involved, I wouldn't be able to tell you. So, I don't know. We'll all find out together, I guess."


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