The Dark Knight Rises Featured An Extremely Rare Batman Moment

The Dark Knight Rises brought Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) back into action as Gotham was being threatened by Bane (Tom Hardy), and thanks to him, the final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy featured an extremely rare Batman moment. After the failure of Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, it took the Caped Crusader almost a decade to return to the big screen, but it was worth the wait. Batman Begins marked the beginning of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which saw Christian Bale’s Batman facing different villains – from mob bosses like Carmine Falcone to classic villains like the Joker and Two-Face – while also following Bruce Wayne through a complex personal journey.
After facing the Joker and Two-Face in The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises caught up with Bruce Wayne eight years later, with Bruce now retired from being Batman and becoming a recluse. Bruce was drawn back into action after Bane’s arrival in Gotham created panic and chaos, but it took him some time to get back into shape, more so as Bane was the strongest enemy he had faced. Bane pushed Batman to a physical and mental limit, and interestingly enough, it was thanks to Bane that The Dark Knight Rises featured a rare Batman moment that also flipped their first encounter.


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