Star Wars Confirms Jedi Lightsabers Have a Horrifying Telepathic Power

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Star Wars #35 Star Wars fans know that a Jedi has something of a spiritual connection with their lightsaber (or, rather, the kyber crystal within their lightsaber), as the process of choosing a kyber crystal is rooted in the Force, and is immensely important to the Jedi Order. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to that connection, as Star Wars confirms Jedi lightsabers have a horrifying telepathic power.
When it comes time for a youngling to construct their lightsaber, they are taken to where kyber crystals are found–most notably the icy planet Ilum. Upon entering the crystal caves, the youngling will then have to overcome an obstacle they’ve been facing in their training in order to hear their crystal calling out to them through the Force. This process is a rite of passage for all Jedi, and immediately establishes a connection between the Jedi and the kyber crystal, a connection that grows stronger every time the Jedi wields their lightsaber. The bond is so strong, in fact, that the lightsaber can almost move autonomously in the Jedi’s hand when used in battle. The lightsaber is more than just a weapon or a tool, it is quite literally an extension of the Jedi through the Force, though it is the oftentimes unpredictable nature of the Force itself that makes this connection so potentially dangerous.
A Jedi’s Mind Can Become Trapped Within Their Lightsaber's Kyber Crystal In Star Wars #35 by Charles Soule and Madibek Musabekov, Luke Skywalker has joined forces with a kyber expert named Dr. Cuata. Cuata takes Luke back to his home where he has a number of kyber crystals, most of which were previously used by long-dead Jedi. One of them, however, wasn’t previously used by a Jedi, and was a completely clean slate for Luke to connect with. Upon doing so, Luke’s mind melded into the kyber crystal, which manifested in the projection of (or perhaps, connection with) Master Yoda. However, while Luke’s mind was bonded with the kyber crystal, there was a flux in the Force, and Luke momentarily lost his connection with the cosmic current. During that time disconnected from the Force, Luke’s mind was trapped within the kyber crystal, and Dr. Cuata wasn’t sure if Luke’s physical body was even still breathing.
While the nature of why and how Luke’s mind was psychically trapped within the kyber crystal is seemingly an anomaly in the Force, the mere fact that something like that could ever happen to a Jedi–no matter how unlikely–is absolutely terrifying. Luke was essentially doing a more advanced version of what the younglings of the Jedi Order would do when finding their kyber crystals. So, no matter how minimally invasive, working with kyber crystals inherently means there’s going to be an establishment of a telepathic link between the crystal and the Jedi. What Luke went through in this issue could theoretically have happened to any Jedi who’s connected with a kyber crystal to form their lightsaber, if they were abruptly cut off from the Force at that moment.


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