Even Star Trek Admits 1 "Scary" Borg Moment Was Actually Just Weird

Even Star Trek admits an early, “creepy” Borg moment was actually just weird. The Borg are perhaps the ultimate menace in the Star Trek universe, capable of striking fear into the hearts of every major power in the galaxy. Yet as with many aspects of the Star Trek universe, the Borg were created as the show went on, and new layers were added, while some early aspects were completely forgotten.
Star Trek: Lower Decks #3 is by Ryan North and Chris Fenoglio. The newly sentient holographic Dracula wants to help the Cerritos in their fight against the hostile Qvanti. Dracula asks if they have any guns they can shoot the Qvanti with, and Boimler references shooting Borg on the Holodeck. Dracula, who has only limited knowledge of the 24th century, asks who the Borg are. Boimler gives Dracula the low-down on the Borg: that they are evil, are cyborgs and "they keep babies in drawers."
Lower Decks Mocks Star Trek's Borg Babies The "babies in a drawer" alludes to the Borg’s first appearance in 'Q Who,' in the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. During the episode, Commander Riker leads an away team to the Borg cube on a fact-finding mission. As he and the others wander the cube, they find a drawer that, when opened, reveals an infant with Borg implants. The Borg baby only made a brief appearance before they moved on to the rest of the cube. No real context was given for the baby in a drawer, nor has anything like it been seen since. The producers of the show intended for the scene to be unsettling, and to give viewers a scope of the Borg’s evil - yet as the Borg developed, it became a bizarre one-time detail without any apparent point.


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