Star Wars Used The Same Pattern 6 Times Across 5,000 Years, From The Sith To The Republic

The ongoing conflicts seen in the Star Wars galaxy are incredibly cyclical in nature, and this idea is proven best by a clear pattern seen over a 5,000-year period in the galaxy far, far away. This is very much by design, keeping in line with the mindset of Star Wars creator George Lucas who believed the Skywalker saga was like poetry with "repeated stanzas". However, the true pattern of threats in the galaxy and where they come from may reshape how conflicts in the Star Wars galaxy are perceived going forward.
As an example of poetic events that "rhyme" in Star Wars, the ​​​Death Star has had similar battle stations that came before and after in the established timeline. However, a much bigger trend exists in the Star Wars galaxy, inadvertently suggesting whether a war of light and dark is truly the primary source of conflict between groups such as the Rebels and Empire or if it's something else entirely. Here's the biggest truth about the Star Wars galaxy with a pattern that runs through all of its biggest conflicts.


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