The Flash Officially Makes The Oldest Villain Complaint Part Of Arrowverse Canon

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash series finale.A frequent complaint about the many speedster villains populating the Arrowverse in The Flash became canon in the series finale. Over nine seasons, Barry Allen faced a variety of metahuman menaces, with unique and unusual superpowers. Despite this, it seemed like the vast majority of the chief villains that Team Flash faced each season were evil speedsters who put Barry Allen's claim of being "The Fastest Man Alive" into question.
The series finale of The Flash, "A New World, Part Four," pitted Barry Allen against an old friend, as the resurrected Eddie Thawne became the new Negative Speed Force avatar. Empowered by a strange blue crystal, which also gave him the power to manipulate time itself, the newly dubbed Cobalt Blue assembled his own Legion of Doom, made up of the many evil speedsters who failed to destroy The Flash in the past. While this did result in an epic high-speed battle across Central City, it also evoked a frequent complaint about The Flash's villains.


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