Ahsoka Theory Reveals Thrawn"s Real Superweapon (It"s Not Clones)

A new Ahsoka theory suggests that the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) will also feature a major new superweapon - and it isn't clones. As teased in The Mandalorian season 3 and confirmed in the trailers for Ahsoka, the long-lost Imperial tactician will be making his return to the galaxy proper, having been absent ever since his disappearance in the Star Wars Rebels animated series' finale. As such, it's possible that his live-action debut may also come with a significant tactical advantage that could bring the New Republic to its knees.
As seen in the trailers for Ahsoka, the titular Jedi outcast played by Rosario Dawson confirms she's heard whispers of Thrawn's return as the "Heir to the Empire". A reference to Thrawn's first appearance in the novels written by Timothy Zahn in the early 90s, it's quite possible that Lucasfilm is looking to adapt Heir to the Empire and its sequels into the established canon. As such, there have been hints that Thrawn will be wielding a powerful new force in the galaxy, just as he did in the original novels that have since become non-canonical Legends.


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