Every Star Trek DS9 Character Avery Brooks Played (Besides Sisko)

As well as playing Captain Benjamin Sisko, Avery Brooks played several other characters across Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's seven seasons. It's appropriate that Brooks took on multiple roles during his time on DS9 as Sisko himself had to simultaneously occupy the roles of Starfleet Captain, Bajoran Emissary, and devoted father to Jake Sisko (Cirroc Lofton). Captain Sisko was played by one of the best actors to lead a Star Trek series, and Brooks' creative influence took DS9 into hitherto uncharted territory when it came to portrayals of race, religion, and family.
These themes were reflected in the additional characters that Avery Brooks played in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. From Benny Russell to Benjamin Sisko's Mirror Universe counterpart, Brooks ensured that each character he played was markedly different. Aside from these more serious characters, Avery Brooks also enjoyed being able to cut loose. Here's every character that Avery Brooks played in DS9 from the Bajoran Emissary to a comic pastiche of a James Bond villain.


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