Captain America’s Avengers 5 Role Replacement Won’t Be Sam Wilson

Although Sam Wilson chose to wield the shield as the MCU's next Captain America, that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be the team leader in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. In the Infinity Saga, Steve Rogers' Captain America was the de facto leader of the Avengers, respected for his military background and keen insight on the battlefield. However, the next iteration of Earth's Mightiest Heroes may have a new leader rather than another Captain America.
According to Anthony Mackie, the Sam Wilson actor doesn't think his new Captain America will lead the Avengers. As Mackie points out, "Sam is the only character without superpowers. He's just a regular dude hanging out with a bunch of weirdos". It certainly seems as though Mackie believes other heroes would be more capable leading a future roster of Avengers in The Kang Dynasty rather than Sam who doesn't have any inherent superpowers (though one could argue that his grounded perspective would make him perfect).


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