Arrowverse vs DCEU: Which Justice League Team Was Better?

The Justice League is DC's premiere team, and both the Arrowverse and the old DCEU had their own versions of the iconic superhero squad - but one of them might have been better than the other. The Arrowverse started all the way back in 2012 with Stephen Amell's Arrow. Oliver Queen would remain the touchstone of the Arrowverse for several years, with Arrow giving way to multiple spinoffs that helped the Arrowverse to become DC's best-handled live-action universe. Recently, the Arrowverse ended with The Flash's series finale, as all the other shows had either finished their runs, been canceled, or retconned out of the Arrowverse — in Superman & Lois' case.
Before ending, the Arrowverse managed to set up its version of the Justice League. That iteration of DC's premiere team came after the cinematic side had already assembled its premiere squad. The DCEU Justice League came to be formed in a very different way from the Arrowverse's take on the team, which was likely due to each version of the JLA taking place at a different medium, television, and theaters. The DCEU will soon be reset in favor of James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe, which will likely form a brand-new Justice League on its own.
The Arrowverse's Justice League Team & Setup Explained Arrow started the DCTV shared universe in 2012, with the Arrowverse going on to include six series — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batwoman — and several crossover events and smaller-scale team-up episodes. As the Arrowverse only grew in size and importance, so did its crossover events. In 2019-2020, the Arrowverse would bring to life its most ambitious crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. That crossover event fully used the potential of the multiverse to not only bring together the Arrowverse's heroes but also several characters from all over DC's history, such as Tom Welling and Brandon Routh's Clark Kents from Smallville and Superman Returns, respectively.
After Oliver Queen sacrificed himself to save billions, later becoming the Spectre and saving the entire multiverse, the Arrowverse entered what was supposed to be a new era for the shared DCTV universe. At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry Allen gathers some of the Arrowverse's heroes in what Black Lightning says is "a condemned building," but would actually turn out to be the Arrowverse's version of the Justice League's iconic Hall of Justice. There, the present Arrowverse heroes have a small service for Oliver, with The Flash then explaining the reason why he called those exact heroes to that place.
Barry then reveals that the building is actually an off-the-grid STAR Labs facility that he thinks is the perfect place for the heroes to use whenever they need to gather to save the world in the future. Barry then takes off the cloth covering a round table with a big star in the middle. Each member of the Arrowverse's Justice League gets a chair with their hero symbol. There are eight chairs, with one of them being in Oliver's memory. The Arrowverse Justice League includes The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Batwoman (Kate Kane), White Canary, and Black Lightning.


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