The Flash Breaks A Major Tradition In Order To Pay Tribute To A DC Legend

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Flash series finale.The finale of The Flash season 9 paid tribute to a legendary figure at DC Comics, whose work had an influence on the Arrowverse. The tribute took the form of a throwaway line, which broke with the traditional exclamations of Chester P. Runk. The STAR Labs scientist and Team Flash ally had a habit of evoking the names of his scientific idols in moments of stress.
The running gag was changed in The Flash series finale when Chester was informed that he had developed black hole powers, like his counterpart Chester from The Flash comics. This caused the excited Chester to proclaim, "Oh, dazzling Dwayne McDuffie!" The name Dwayne McDuffie is highly regarded among comic book readers, animation aficionados, and creators of comics and cartoons.


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