10 Star Wars Characters Who Could Defeat Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is Star Wars' original hero, but there are a few characters who could defeat Luke – be it in a lightsaber fight or as a pilot. After destroying the Death Star, surviving an encounter with Darth Vader, and taking down the Empire, Luke Skywalker became a legend, both in-universe and as a character. Despite all the Jedi that were introduced after the original trilogy, many of which looked more impressive than Luke, Luke is still considered Star Wars’ strongest Jedi.
Star Wars does not have an official power-level system. In other words, there is no official method to compare two Jedi or two Sith, for example. That said, there is more than enough material in the Star Wars canon to compare two different characters in terms of power. This includes their connection to the Force, their lightsaber skills, their flying abilities, and other elements. With that considered, here are 10 characters who could defeat Luke Skywalker, either in combat or as a pilot.
10 Wedge Antilles (As A Pilot) Wedge Antilles, one of Star Wars’ most famous pilots, made a name for himself during the attack on the first Death Star. Wedge was considered one of the Rebellion’s best pilots and an extremely valuable asset for the Rebel Alliance. Wedge, like Luke, was one of the few pilots to survive the Battle of Yavin. Whether Wedge Antilles was a better pilot than Luke Skywalker is open to debate, as the Rogue Squadron creators were both key names for the Rebellion. However, if there is an original trilogy character who could defeat Luke as a pilot, that is Wedge Antilles.
9 Mace Windu Most of the prequel-era Jedi never got to interact with Luke Skywalker, including Mace Windu. However, in a hypothetical crossover between Luke and the prequels’ Jedi Order, Mace Windu would be a strong candidate to defeat Luke Skywalker. Even though Star Wars does not have a specific power system, an Anakin line from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones suggests that Windu was one of the strongest Jedi in the history of the Order. Anakin listed Yoda’s wisdom and Windu’s strength as the pinnacle of what a Jedi could achieve. In addition, Windu defeated Palpatine, although it is difficult to say whether Palpatine let Mace Windu win.
Either way, Mace Windu was highly experienced, extremely powerful in the Force, and a skillful fighter. Although Luke Skywalker is technically the most powerful Jedi that ever was, Luke never achieved Windu’s level of experience combined with prime Force powers. After Ben Solo fell to the dark side, Luke closed himself to the Force, meaning that Skywalker arguably never achieved his true potential. Therefore, a Mace Windu vs. Luke Skywalker fight could go either way.
8 Hera Syndulla (As A Pilot) Hera Syndulla was already a hero of the Rebellion when Luke Skywalker was in Tatooine playing with toy ships and dreaming of joining the Imperial Academy. Hera was arguably the best pilot in the Rebel Alliance and commanded her own rebel cell before joining a larger group. By the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Hera was already a general. Be it on large ships or small ones, there was no space battle that Hera could not win – or at least successfully run from. Luke Skywalker has the Force, which comes in handy for pilots, but Hera Syndulla has the experience and proven-in-battle skills.
7 Ahsoka Tano In theory, Luke Skywalker is more powerful than Ahsoka Tano. Luke defeated Darth Vader in a lightsaber fight when Ahsoka did not, after all. However, when it comes to experience and skills shown on-screen, Ahsoka Tano takes the lead. Lore and power systems aside, Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano did far more impressive things than Luke Skywalker ever did in the original trilogy. Obviously, that difference comes down to the medium in which each character’s story was told. Still, compared to Luke, Ahsoka had way more proper training, fought more battles, and faced more formidable opponents. To put things in perspective, Ahsoka once fought Inquisitors, Maul, Vader, and Palpatine on the same day.


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