5 Lightsaber Stances Jedi: Survivor Should Add Next

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor delighted players by adding new lightsaber stances to its roster, upping the number of stances to five. Jedi: Survivor’s lightsaber combat is outstanding and one of the best in any Star Wars game. However, there is still room for more in a future game or DLC expansion to allow hero Cal Kestis even greater flexibility in battle.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been such a massive success that further adventures with Cal are all but guaranteed. When that happens, a Jedi: Survivor sequel or DLC could add stances inspired from around the Star Wars galaxy. Jedi: Survivor has captivated players with its mix of exploration and combat, and adding or modifying existing lightsaber stances would allow players to further customize their experiences in the galaxy far, far away.


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