New Jedi Order Movie Rumor Would Only Continue Star Wars" Rey Skywalker Failure

If Rey Skywalker isn’t the lead of Star Wars’ New Jedi Order movie, the franchise would be failing her character. Daisy Ridley’s Rey was first introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a lonely scavenger on the planet Jakku. Over the course of the sequel trilogy, Rey discovered her connection with the Force, fought the First Order, and even defeated Emperor Palpatine once and for all. She did all that while trying to figure out her place in the galaxy, seeking to learn more about her parents. While most of Rey’s narrative mysteries were solved (though not in the way many might have hoped), she still deserves a story that is wholly her own.
A current rumor concerning Star Wars’ New Jedi Order movie suggests that Rey isn’t the lead character of the upcoming film after all, despite the premise presumably being built around her newly reimagined Jedi Order. The movie, which will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chino, is set 15 years after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Given this time-lapse, there is no reason for Rey to not be the leading character, but instead, the rumor suggests that she will be taking on a role akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars movie, or her mentor Luke Skywalker in the sequel trilogy. This, however, would be a disservice to her character.
Rey Not Leading The New Jedi Order Movie Would Insult The Character The story told throughout the Star Wars sequel trilogy was never really Rey’s own. Yes, those movies included her development and training to become a Jedi, but the villains she was fighting and the struggles she was facing were all remnants of a different era, a continuation of somebody else’s narrative. And while a large portion of Rey’s story was dedicated to her trying to find out where she came from and her place in the galaxy, the answer, unfortunately, tied her to the stories that came before even more. The New Jedi Order movie is the perfect opportunity to give Rey a story that is utterly hers, a challenge that is hers alone to overcome by using her learned morals and values.
But if Rey isn’t the leading character, then that opportunity is taken away from her, leaving her character to remain in the shadows of giants, forever. One could argue that Rey dismissed Palpatine’s heritage of her own accord and chose the Skywalker name for herself and that those were character-defining moments, and they would be right. But even those massive moments are still tied to the legacies of other characters. So far, Rey’s unique lightsaber is the one thing that is completely hers – the new Jedi Order and its story should be, too.
How Rey's New Jedi Order Movie Can Finally Do Justice To The New Skywalker Building a new Jedi Order should be Rey’s major moment. She can take all she has learned from Luke and Leia’s teachings and failings, Ben Solo’s struggle with the dark side, the old Jedi texts she took from the Ahch-To Temple, and her fight against Palpatine and use that knowledge to create an Order that is fair, wiser than its predecessors, more lenient in its emotional allowances, and a new beacon of light in the galaxy. If Rey is the lead character in the movie, audiences can better understand her reasoning for rebuilding the Jedi Order the way she has done, and how she’s grown on her own without the burden of the past on her shoulders.


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