Disney"s Star Wars Movies Denied Us Leia"s Far Superior Role In George Lucas" Sequels

The Star Wars sequel trilogy may have brought Leia back to the big screen, but George Lucas' original plans reveal that Disney denied her a superior role in the movies. Leia returned in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the leader of the Resistance, reminiscent of her role in the original trilogy, and later trained Rey as Jedi, proving Luke right about her learning to use the Force. While these were great aspects of the Disney Star Wars sequels, Lucas had something far more significant in mind for Star Wars' original heroine. Disney's decision not to follow this plan for Leia ultimately robbed her of a much more interesting story.
Lucas outlined his plans for the sequel trilogy in The Star Wars Archives: Episode I - III: 1999 - 2005 by Paul Duncan. This version of the sequels was very different overall from the trilogy that Disney eventually produced, especially in how it approached the classic characters. Luke Skywalker would have rebuilt the Jedi Order, the Skywalker grandkids would have been more prominent, and Leia would have had her time in the spotlight. It's hard to know for sure how Lucas' sequel trilogy as a whole would have compared to Disney's, but there's no denying that his plans for Leia were far superior.
George Lucas Believed Leia Was The Natural Leader Of The Galaxy Lucas' sequel trilogy would have focused on Leia working save the galaxy from the grip of the underworld. According to Lucas in The Star Wars Archives, "The movies are about how Leia - I mean, who else is going to be the leader? - is trying to build the Republic." There was no doubt in Lucas' mind that Leia should be the focus of the sequels, as the previous trilogies focused on Anakin and Luke Skywalker. This also would have built on Luke's monologue about the Force being strong in his family, and with the addition of Han and Leia's grandchildren, Lucas' nine movies really would have felt like the "Skywalker" saga.


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