10 Most Exciting Things About The Flash Movie (Besides Keaton"s Batman)

Although the return of Michael Keaton's Batman has been a big part of The Flash's marketing, there are a good number of things to get excited about beyond the classic Caped Crusader. Attempting to race back in time to save his mother, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen will inadvertently cause a massive domino effect that results in a collision of realities and major disruption to the multiverse. While this will lead to Barry meeting Keaton's Batman, there's so much more multiversal excitement to look forward to.
Originally announced back in 2014, it's taken The Flash nearly a decade to finally get made and released in theaters, an ironically slow turnaround for a movie about DC's Fastest Man Alive. As such, the odds are strong that the version being released in June is by no means the movie that was originally envisioned over nine years ago. However, that's probably for the best as The Flash is now poised to usher in a brand-new status quo for the DC Universe at large. Here are ten things about The Flash to get excited about (besides Michael Keaton's Batman).


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