Is Deadpool A Sidekick In His Own Movie? What It Could Mean That Deadpool 3 Is More Of A Wolverine Movie

Online comments from the co-creator of Deadpool in Marvel Comics, Rob Liefeld, seem to indicate that Deadpool 3 will push the titular character to the side in favor of Wolverine. When Deadpool 3 was announced in September 2022, it was also confirmed that Hugh Jackman would reprise his role as Wolverine. Not only did this mean that Deadpool 3 was officially part of the MCU, but that Wolverine would join the merc with a mouth at Marvel Studios after decades of only appearing in Fox's X-Men franchise.
Naturally, this led to worries that Deadpool 3 would tamper with the immensely satisfying ending of Jackman's Wolverine that was shown in Logan. However, Ryan Reynolds, Jackman himself, and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy have all reassured fans that Logan will not be touched, and this film will go in a new direction with Wolverine. Despite these worries being quashed, the man responsible for co-creating Deadpool in the comics, Rob Liefeld, has taken to social media to comment that Deadpool 3 is more of a Wolverine movie than one centered on the titular mutant.


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