"That One Will Forever Haunt Me": Yellowjackets Star Details Failed Star Wars Rey Audition

Yellowjackets star Courtney Eaton has opened up about her audition for Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Today, it's difficult to imagine anyone other than Daisy Ridley bringing the character of Rey to life on the big screen. But Ridley wasn't the only one to audition for the part, competing against the likes of Jessica Henwick, Elizabeth Olsen, and Saorise Ronan. The competition was tight; "Everyone has auditioned for it," Ronan told Empire Magazine back in 2013.
Not everybody's experience of the audition was pleasant, though. Speaking to Interview Magazine, Yellowjackets star Courtney Eaton recalled it as one of her most embarrassing moments:
"I was up for the Star Wars role that Daisy Ridley ended up doing, and I still lived in Australia at the time, and they flew me out to L.A. I was s******* myself, and I had never really done in-person auditions. It was an intense scene, but I wasn’t getting it, and I was getting really frustrated with myself. It was a test with the costume director and J. J. Abrams, so essentially I ended up getting so worked up that I had a panic attack and ruined my audition. They were really sweet about it, but I’d say that would be my most embarrassing one to lose. And your agents call and they’re like, 'How’d it go?' I was just like, 'I had a panic attack in front of J. J. Abrams. Maybe it worked for the scene, maybe it didn’t.' That one will forever haunt me. And to be fair, I was really young at the time, and Daisy did an amazing job and she suited it more than I did, but it is funny to look back on."

It's easy to imagine why the experience of auditioning for Star Wars would be intimidating, to say the least.


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