Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow: Plot Details & Everything We Know

After James Gunn became co-CEO of DCU Studios with Peter Safran, he made huge moves signaling a more exciting future for DC, and that includes the announcement of the movie Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Ever since 2013's Man of Steel, there was no clear direction in the DCEU. While all movies in the MCU shared the same tone and were clearly overseen by a creative director, every release in the DCEU couldn't have been more different, whether it was completely bleak outings like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or popcorn flicks like Aquaman. But Gunn has a clear overarching vision for the franchise.
The filmmaker's resume proves just how Gunn's plans can course correct the DCU, as he directed the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad, and he clearly has an in-depth knowledge of comic book characters. Supergirl might not be the most famous DC superhero, but the character has never gotten the justice she deserves, as the 1984 movie was a critical disaster and a box office bomb (via Box Office Mojo). And while she has had a small-screen hit, as the CW series Supergirl lasted for six seasons, that was very much a made-for-TV production. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be an epic, blockbuster action movie.


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