Star Wars Outlaws Fixes The Franchises" Big Protagonist Problem

Ubisoft recently revealed Star Wars Outlaws, featuring its new protagonist Kay Vess who could just solve a problem that has been plaguing Star Wars games for some time. While Star Wars has long been a franchise with compelling female characters at its core, that has not been the case for its games. While there have been games that allowed players to customize their character's gender, almost all the Star Wars games with a fixed protagonist have featured men.
Taking place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Outlaws will follow cunning young scoundrel Kay Vess as she seeks to pull off jobs within the criminal underworld. Aiming for a 2024 release date, Star Wars Outlaws will see Kay joined by a cute Merqaal companion called Nix and a former Separatist commando droid ND-5. Steering the action away from Jedi and the Force feels like a breath of fresh air for a Star Wars game, and with a female protagonist, something truly new for many fans.


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