11 Star Wars Characters Powerful Enough To Beat Thrawn, The Galaxy"s Next Big Villain

Grand Admiral Thrawn is renowned for his tactical genius in both the Star Wars canon and Legends continuities, but he is not unbeatable. Created by legendary Star Wars author Timothy Zahn, Grand Admiral Thrawn was one of the greatest strategists in the Empire - both in the old Expanded Universe and in Disney canon. In the EU (now branded "Legends"), he came close to defeating the New Republic. In canon, Palpatine has explicitly noted only Tarkin or Thrawn could have held back the tide of rebellion.
For all that's the case, though, Thrawn is not without his weaknesses. He tends to study his opponents, learning their strategies, so smart commanders can take him by surprise by acting uncharacteristically - or even appointing other leaders to take charge of a battle partway through. He also tends to underestimate the Force, which led to his defeat in Star Wars Rebels' finale. That was only a temporary setback, though, with Thrawn set to return in the Ahsoka Disney+ TV show. Grand Admiral Thrawn is by no means easy to defeat, but there are 11 characters in Star Wars who can beat him in the right circumstances.


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