Ben Affleck’s 6 Batman Costumes, Ranked

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash.
Ben Affleck’s Batman costumes are some of the most comic-accurate superhero suits, and a brand-new one appears in The Flash. Ben Affleck replaced Christian Bale as Batman following the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Whereas Nolan’s Batman movies went for a sense of realism that was exemplified by the tactical, armor-like Bat-suit, Zack Snyder’s Batman was a more fantastical take on the character. The DCEU was far more comic book-ish than any previous Batman films, which is why a more fantastical Batman fit so well. As a result, Affleck’s Batman is arguably the most comic-accurate version of the caped crusader in terms of visuals.
Ben Affleck played Batman in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and The Flash. Except for Suicide Squad, which reused the standard DCEU Bat-suit, all of those movies featured one or more costumes. The idea that Batman has multiple Bat-suits available at any given moment is from the comics and had been lost in the movies. Bale’s Batman only changed costumes in The Dark Knight, where Batman replaced his armor entirely. Here is every Ben Affleck Batman suit, ranked, and the history behind each of the DCEU Bat-suits.
6 The Flash’s Batman Suit Ben Affleck appeared as Batman in The Flash’s opening sequence, during which Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought together to stop a group of robbers. The Flash’s opening sequence established that the DCEU’s Justice League is still operating as a team, although it only featured three members. Batman has a new Bat-suit in The Flash, which appears to be based on the Justice League tactical suit. The idea behind The Flash’s Batman suit seems to have been a sleeker version of Justice League’s tactical Bat-suit, with Batman wearing an armor plate on top of his traditional gray suit.


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