All 10 Thor Villains In The MCU Ranked Weakest To Most Powerful

The only MCU character to have four solo movies so far, there is no shortage of Thor villains to analyze. The God of Thunder is an MCU icon who was an integral part of the original Avengers, fighting big bads like Ultron and Thanos alongside them. In his own time off of Midgard, he’s faced his fair share of villains who have put his Asgardian powers to the test.
From fighting Dark Elves to his own family members, the Thor franchise has a unique set of villains who are often based off of mythology. Though these other-worldly beings are considerably stronger than the human villains the MCU usually sees on Earth, they too have limits to their powers. Here is the breakdown of every Thor villains’ powers, ranked from weakest to most powerful.


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