Star Wars Delivers A Shocking Jedi Death To Launch High Republic"s New Era

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures FCBD 2023
Star Wars and Dark Horse Comics are looking to seriously deliver for Free Comic Book Day 2023, offering a story to kick off the next phase of The High Republic Era with a major Jedi death. Coming from writer Daniel José Older and artist Harvey Tolibao, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures has consistently featured a gripping narrative starring a group of Padawans during the Jedi Order's ongoing conflict with the Nihil Marauders. However, it's also been focused on one young Jedi in particular.
Dark Horse's new Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures issue for Free Comic Book Day 2023 is entitled "Starlight Coda". Taking place during the fall of Starlight Beacon, the Nihil marauders infiltrated the Jedi Order station along with seven of their monstrous creatures known as The Nameless, creatures capable of cutting Jedi off from the Force. As such, the demise of Jedi Padawan Lula Talisola has seemingly been revealed in this new issue:
Confirmed to be on board the exploding station as it falls from the sky, it seems Talisola chose to sacrifice herself to defeat the Nihil's Krix Kamerat who'd long been a rival in the High Republic Adventures series.


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