Disney+ Issues Warning About Newest Marvel Show's Mature Content

Not only is Secret Invasion Marvel Studios" first Phase 5 Disney+ series, but it"s also the first to warrant a certain disclaimer. 
Leading up to Secret Invasion"s premiere, not only did an MCU star describe the show as "one the grownups can dig," but it also earned a 16+ TV rating on Disney+ UK.
Now, the Nick Fury-led series broke new ground once more in how Disney+ is warning audiences through its marketing of the show. 
Secret Invasion Earns First Mature Content WarningSecret Invasion marketing on Marvel UK social accounts included parental advisory warnings about the series" mature content. 
InstagramThese "Parental Control Advised" labels can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of various Instagram ads. 
InstagramThe same applies to Secret Invasion promos posted on Twitter. 
TwitterIt"s important to note that this isn"t the first time such a warning has appeared on promotion for Disney+ programming. 
The Kardashians, The Full Monty, and other collections have all been marketed with these warnings. However, Secret Invasion is the first time such a warning was included in the promotion for a Marvel project.
Surprisingly, marketing for 2022"s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law did not receive a "Parental Control Advised" warning, despite the show"s frequent use of mature references. 
InstagramMarvel"s Invasion of Mature Streaming Content?Secret Invasion"s first episode lived up to its promise of being more geared toward a mature audience through its dark tone and use of violence. But in terms of the wider MCU, it"s only the beginning. 
There"s significant evidence pointing toward Daredevil: Born Again receiving a mature rating with Marvel Zombies likely to follow suit. 
But even though the MCU"s Skrull-related crossover is the first to receive this disclaimer, that doesn"t mean it"s the first to deserve it. 
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured a similar tone and a particularly memorable violent scene; and while She-Hulk belongs to a different genre altogether, the show"s frequent use of sexual references is definitely not kid-friendly. 
It"s also worth noting that content warnings and ratings within the streaming world are just as new as streaming itself and have only become more commonplace in the U.K. in recent years. 
Not only does Secret Invasion stand as a testament to that but also to the willingness of studios - particularly Marvel - in pursuing mature content regardless.
New episodes of Secret Invasion drop Wednesdays on Disney+.


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