10 Coolest Star Wars Canon Spaceships

Star Wars features some of the coolest spaceships and starfighters in science-fiction, and here are the best in canon. "This is a fairy tale," Harrison Ford observed in a recent interview, explaining why Star Wars is so successful. He's right; George Lucas' genius lay in creating a franchise that blended fantasy tropes - princesses and knights, the Force as magic, legendary blades and the like - with science-fiction. The result has been an unparalleled success.
And yet, as fantastical as Star Wars may be, the setting of the Skywalker saga - a vast canvas the size of an entire galaxy - means staples of science-fiction are just as important as the fairy tale elements. George Lucas drew heavily on the works of Isaac Asimov, even modifying the idea of hyperspace to explain how spaceships and starfighters can travel faster than light. The designs of so many of these vessels are utterly iconic, with the Millennium Falcon easily as well known as the USS Enterprise from rival franchise Star Trek. Here are the best starfighters and spaceships in Star Wars canon.


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