New Superman Actor Could Be Announced, Final Contenders Doing Test In Costume

The DC Universe may be on the verge of announcing the new Superman as James Gunn and DC Studios are reportedly nailing down Superman: Legacy frontrunners in screen tests. As the DCEU ends, the DC Universe is on its way with Gunn and Peter Safran leading DC Studios that will attempt at a new shared universe across TV and film. The movie that is currently in pre-production is Superman: Legacy, a re-telling of the Man of Steel in his early days as a superhero. Over the last few weeks, the studio has been meeting with actors for the role of Superman, and Lois Lane, before they start shooting next year.
It appears the world may finally know soon who the next Superman is going to be, perhaps as early as next week. THR reveals that recent screen tests with David Corenswet, Tom Brittney, and Nicholas Hoult had them do scenes as both Clark Kent, but also as Superman. Corenswet tested with Emma Mackey, while Brittney was paired up with Phoebe Dynevor, followed by Hoult and Rachel Brosnahan. Per the trade, Mackey "segued into the second day" to test with the other actors as Lois for the Superman: Legacy auditions. In addition to that, there may be new candidates for Lex Luthor, as Alexander and Bill Skarsgård have been mentioned for the iconic DC villain. Supposedly, a decision could be coming this week for who will land the role of Superman as well as Lois.


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