DC Has Now Made 10 Batman Shows That... Aren"t About Batman?!

DC has made several Batman TV shows that are not actually about Batman. Batman has been DC Comics’ most popular character for a while now, which is proven by just how many movies, shows, and video games centered on the Dark Knight there are. However, there can only be so many Batman stories happening at the same time, especially because the caped crusader is often saved for the big screen. As a result, DC has found different ways to use Batman’s mythos in other adaptations, even though Batman himself is not always involved.
Apart from the 1966 Batman show and the many Batman animated series, Batman usually does not appear on TV shows. Still, at a time when so many superhero stories are being told on TV, ignoring the Batman universe entirely is not an option. Here are 10 times DC made a show about Batman or Batman’s universe without actually using the Dark Knight.
10 Gotham Gotham can be compared to Smallville in the sense that they both explored a major DC superhero before they actually became a superhero. However, whereas Smallville was very much Superman’s origin story, Gotham was more about the city than about Bruce Wayne. Gotham’s pilot takes place right after the death of the Waynes, meaning that Bruce Wayne was very young when the story began. Bruce was initially a supporting character in Gotham, whose focus was always on Jim Gordon. Gotham also explored Batman’s Rogues Gallery, although it had to make some significant changes to the usual DC Comics lore so that timeline would work.
Bruce Wayne was still learning from Alfred how to throw a punch when most of Batman’s most famous villains were already terrorizing the city. Gotham took a lot of creative liberties when it comes to Batman’s mythos, mostly because it tried to tell famous Batman stories without Batman. As Gotham advanced and Bruce Wayne grew older, the character became closer to what audiences know as Batman, but still far from being the actual DC superhero. A full-fledged Batman only appeared once in Gotham’s final episode in a flash-forward.
9 Batwoman After years in which the CW DC Shows avoided any connections to Batman, the Batwoman TV show finally brought Gotham into the Arrowverse. Following the character's introduction "Crisis on Infinite Earths," Ruby Rose returned as Kate Kane in Batwoman season 1. Despite taking place in Gotham City, Batwoman never actually featured Batman, although it would often reference the Dark Knight. Batwoman established a lot of things about the Arrowverse’s Batman, at least post-Crisis, including that he killed the Joker and disappeared. Batwoman always existed in her own corner of the Bat Family, which is why a Batwoman series without Batman was never a problem.
8 Titans Even though the Titans are a major DC Comics team who have operated on their own for decades, their stories will always be tied to Batman on some level. Dick Grayson, Batman’s first Robin, was the foundation for the Titans, after all. A Nightwing TV show centered on a post-Robin Dick Grayson was in development for a while, but it eventually became a Titans show. While Dick was still Robin when Titans begin, the Boy Wonder no longer worked with Batman. As such, Titans season 1 only referenced the Dark Knight and never really used Batman. Batman only appeared from behind in a dream sequence during Titans season 1’s finale.


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