10 Non-Star Wars Characters Who Would Make The Perfect Jedi

The Star Wars galaxy is full of noble Jedi Knights serving as guardians of peace and justice. However, there are characters in other franchises who would be great members of the Jedi Order. In a galaxy that's constantly in need of those serving the light and will of the Force, some very strong candidates exist outside the galaxy far, far away who would have next to no problem wielding a lightsaber.
Existing for thousands of generations, members of the Jedi Order are dedicated to serving the will of the Force and protecting the innocent across the stars. Working in conjunction with the Republic, the Jedi Temple was based on Coruscant as seen in Star Wars' prequel trilogy. Using their abilities to seek knowledge and enlightenment more than anything else, the Jedi were also quite resilient and capable defenders when the need arose, such as when they became commanders and generals of the Republic's clone army at the dawn of The Clone Wars. Keeping that in mind, here are ten non-Star Wars characters who would make perfect Jedi Knights.


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