Tom Hardy"s Eddie Brock Clashes With Andrew Garfield"s Spider-Man In Venom 3 Fan Trailer

A new Venom 3 fan trailer sees Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man having a showdown with Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock. Sony's Spider-Man Universe is getting closer to finishing its trilogy that launched the franchise to begin with, as Hardy is coming back one more time as Venom. While plot details are being kept under wraps, Venom 3 is supposed to start filming this year, with Kelly Marcel set to direct.
Even though very little is known about Venom 3, fans are already imagining what the trilogy finale may have in store. Stryder HD, a popular YouTube editor, recently debuted a fan trailer for the upcoming sequel, titled Venom: Enter the Multiverse, featuring Garfield's Spider-Man.
The title Venom: Enter the Multiverse is a clever reference to the fact that both Hardy and Garfield appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Spider-Man: No Way Home. Whether or not Venom 3 will address Eddie's brief visit to the MCU remains to be seen, especially given the fact that a piece of the Symbiote was left behind in the Avengers-based universe.


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