5 Ways Hemmer Was Strange New Worlds’ Best Surprise

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds introduced many new and returning characters, and one of the most surprising - and best - new additions was Chief Engineer Lt. Hemmer (Bruce Horak). A blind Andorian, Hemmer's icy exterior eventually melted away to reveal a kind and considerate engineer who was willing to sacrifice himself to save his crew. A self-described genius, Hemmer's personality, empathy, and sense of humor made him well-loved by his shipmates. Over the course of his time on the USS Enterprise, Hemmer made a big impact, not only on the characters around him, but also on the fans.
As a rare subspecies of Andorians known as the Aenar, Hemmer gave fans a look into an alien species rarely featured on Star Trek. His nature as a pacifist also made his decision to join Starfleet even more interesting. Hemmer was close with many of his crewmates, but he became a mentor to Cadet Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) and helped her make the decision to stay in Starfleet. Hemmer was not only a brilliant engineer but also went out of his way to help when his friends were in need. Though Hemmer only made appearances in six episodes, he became a breakout favorite character who fascinated fans and inspired his crew.
5 Hemmer Was an Aenar, A Species Rarely Seen on Star Trek First introduced in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode, "The Aenar," the Aenar are a subspecies of the Andorians. Born blind, they live in ice caves and have strong telepathic abilities and superior senses. The Aenar were considered to be a myth by most Andorians until they were discovered living in a remote part of Andoria. Even after they were discovered, they stayed to themselves and remained secretive. The Aenar are pacifists who believe they will only die after they have achieved their life's purpose. Hemmer was the only known Aenar in Starfleet. Star Trek often excels when it dives into the backstory and culture of a new alien species, and Hemmer's abilities and beliefs as an Aenar were fascinating to learn about.


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