Star Trek Reveals the Tragic Fate of a Fan-Favorite Cardassian

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #8!Star Trek has confirmed the tragic fate of a fan-favorite Cardassian, one that shows the brutality and horror of the Dominion War. The second arc of IDW’s Star Trek comic has kicked off in style: Captain Sisko has been put on trial by the Cardassians for war crimes, and in issue eight, readers learn that a fan-favorite Cardassian’s family from Deep Space Nine paid the ultimate price.
The issue is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, drawn by Mike Feehan, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Clayton Cowles. Captain Sisko is standing trial for perceived war crimes committed during the Dominion War. Presiding over the trial is the nephew of Legate Damar. In his holding cell, Sisko is visited first by Data, and then by Garak, who will be acting as his advocate in court. Sisko learns that because Damar betrayed the Dominion by leading the Cardassian uprising, the Founders struck back, killing every single member of Damar’s family, save his nephew. Gark assures Sisko that Damar’s nephew is "a reformer," and is interested in getting to the truth of what happened.
Legate Damar's Family Were Executed Played by actor Casey Biggs, Legate Damar was not only a fan-favorite character, but also ended up being an integral player in the Dominion War. Introduced in the fourth-season Deep Space Nine episode "Return to Grace," Damar was originally the second in command of Gul Dukat, the leader of the Cardassian Union. It was Gul Dukat who aligned the Cardassians with the Dominion. After his daughter’s death, Dukat went on a downward spiral, ultimately leading to his ousting as leader of the Cardassians. Damar succeeded him, and at first was loyal to the Founders and the Dominion; however, as Cardassian losses piled up during the war, Damar grew disillusioned, which ultimately led him to lead an uprising against the Dominion. While countless numbers of Cardassians died as a result, it was also the nail in the coffin for the Dominion’s attempts to expand into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Damar saved the galaxy - but as revealed in this issue, his entire family paid the price.


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