Princess Leia Cosplay Is A Beautiful Carrie Fisher Tribute

Star Wars' Princess Leia is recreated in a gorgeous cosplay that pays tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. After defining Leia on the big screen for almost 40 years, Fisher continues to inspire Star Wars artists years after her passing in 2016. These Princess Leia cosplays are always great to see, as Fisher's role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was limited to previously unused footage. Despite this, Leia remains one of the Star Wars saga's best characters, with a beautiful cosplay highlighting the character as her best.
Elena Strikes shared her Princess Leia cosplay on Instagram to honor Fisher on the anniversary of her death, perfectly recreating her iconic outfit from the original Star Wars movie.
Countless fans took to the comments to share their love for their "princess and general", though one comment wisely reminded everyone "don't forget to add Jedi to that." This stunning cosplay and the amount of praise it received honors Fisher's first Star Wars appearance and demonstrates the love fans still have for the franchise's original heroine.


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