Star Wars Theory Reveals Thrawn"s Secret Weapon Has A High Republic Connection

A new Star Wars theory suggests Grand Admiral Thrawn, set to be the main villain of The Mandalorian era, is using a secret weapon linked to the High Republic. At Star Wars Celebration 2023, Lucasfilm finally unveiled their plans for the franchise's future - including for The Mandalorian and its associated spinoffs. Lucasfilm is essentially following the Marvel model, with a series of stories intertwining and building to a head in a climactic cinematic event. The villain is Grand Admiral Thrawn, an Imperial leader introduced in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe who has now become a major canon villain.
The canon version of Grand Admiral Thrawn made his debut in Star Wars Rebels, an alien military leader who was tasked with crushing a nascent rebellion on Lothal. Ruthless and intelligent, Thrawn would have triumphed if not for the Force, which warned Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger that Thrawn's fleet would intervene at the worst possible moment. Ezra set a trap using the purrgils, Star Wars' space whales; Thrawn's flagship was snared in their tentacles, and spirited away into the Unknown Regions. He's set to return years later in Ahsoka, played in live-action by Lars Mikkelsen, who voiced the Grand Admiral in Rebels. Thrawn is the self-styled heir to the Empire, a true force to be reckoned with - and he may well have a weapon against Jedi like Ahsoka and Jude Law's mysterious Order 66 survivor.


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