Star Wars Outlaws’ Coolest New Feature May Completely Ruin The Game

Star Wars Outlaws plans to incorporate a variety of new features into what could be the most complete Star Wars video game adaptation yet, but not all of them could be to its benefit. Outlaws' world premiere trailer debuted during 2023's Xbox Games Showcase, focusing mostly on a cinematic presentation of the game's main characters, story, and setting. The gameplay walkthrough that followed at Ubisoft Forward demonstrated its many facets, including third-person shooter gunplay, open-world exploration, and speeder bike traversal.
Being marketed as the first true open-world Star Wars game, Star Wars Outlaws is poised to be an expansive, immersive experience, but could just as easily wind up cluttered. The many features designed to engage the player could become less than the sum of their parts, adding up to only a confused jumble of half-baked systems and poorly executed ideas. If they're over or underdone, these many mechanics could only wind up alienating the player instead of transporting them to distant galaxies. One feature in particular requires a fair amount of restraint.


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