DC Universe Theory: James Gunn Is Using This Dark Green Lantern Story For Crossover Event

The DC Universe's first cinematic crossover event may adapt a renowned comic book storyline, and the Lanterns TV show could be the first project to set it up. The slate for the DC Universe's first chapter, "Gods and Monsters", doesn't feature any crossover movie or show in the style of the DCEU's Justice League or the MCU's Avengers movies. However, that may be because James Gunn and Peter Safran are saving its reveal for later. For now, one of more DC titles could drop hints at a franchise-wide event that unites every hero introduced in "Gods and Monsters", with Lanterns setting the stage early on.
Only four founding members of the Justice League are getting their own DC Universe project withing the confirmed slate: Superman in Superman: Legacy, Batman in The Brave and the Bold, and Hal Jordan and John Stewart in Lanterns. This makes a Justice League movie unlikely to happen at the end of "Gods and Monsters". Likewise, Swamp Thing could set up Justice League Dark, but only after other members such as Constantine and Zatanna are already introduced. Although little is known about most of the DC Universe's projects, it's possible that the first step towards a crossover event lies within the Lanterns TV show in the form of a Blackest Night adaptation.
Blackest Night In DC Comics Explained Blackest Night is one of the highest acclaimed crossover events in DC Comics history. Written by Geoff Johns inn 2009, Blackest Night pays off years' worth of slow-burn set-up across the pages of Green Lantern and other DC titles. After a fierce battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, an apocalyptic prophecy foretold by the Guardians of the Universe begins to materialize. Other Lantern colors create their own regiments, a human character called Black Hand raises the dead, and a Black Lantern Power Battery forges countless Black Lantern rings that provide power to the undead.


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