Kraven The Hunter Battles Venom In Epic Crossover Fan Art

With Kraven the Hunter seemingly looking to increase the connectivity in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, a crossover fan art sees Sergei Kravinoff battling Venom. After having played Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is getting another go at playing a major Marvel Comics character. This time, he is headlining his own film, Kraven the Hunter, which will explore Sergei's complex origin story. Kraven the Hunter will also feature other popular Spider-Man enemies, including Chameleon and Rhino, as they help flesh out the franchise based on the web-crawler's iconic rogues.
Earlier this week, Sony officially released the first Kraven the Hunter trailer, giving fans a taste of the first R-rated film in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. As people already want crossovers, Venomhology recently released a new crossover fan art showing Kraven vs. Venom, as played by Tom Hardy.
Similar to the Venom movies, Kraven the Hunter is seemingly taking Sergei down the antihero route, which is how Sony's Spider-Man Universe has been able to proceed without the web-slinger. With Sergei operating as a morally gray hero, Kraven the Hunter will feature comic villain The Foreigner as the film's central antagonist.


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