"I"m Coming For You": Kraven Star Teases The Spider-Man Crossover Movie Everyone Wants

Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is ready to fight Spider-Man, teasing the perfect crossover movie between Sony’s new Spider-Man villain project and the Web-Head. The upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie will join Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius in the list of Sony Spider-Man universe films centered on Spider-Man villains. Very much like what happened in Venom and Morbius, it seems like Kraven will originally be depicted as an anti-hero rather than a villain.
Whether Spider-Man will appear in Kraven the Hunter is difficult to say, but Kraven actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (@aarontaylorjohnson) recently sparked hopes for a Spider-Man vs. Kraven crossover with a cryptic Instagram stories post celebrating the film's first trailer.
There is no direct mention of Spider-Man or anything that hints at an immediate Spider-Man appearance in the Kraven the Hunter trailer. Therefore, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s “Spider-Man… I’m coming for you” caption is so far the most tangible tease of a Spider-Man vs. Kraven crossover, be it in the Kraven the Hunter movie itself or, more likely, in a future Sony Spider-Man universe project.
Why Kraven’s Last Hunt Is Better Than A Sinister Six Movie Assuming that Kraven does not fight Spider-Man in Kraven the Hunter, this crossover could happen in the form of a Kraven’s Last Hunt adaptation. A fight between Spider-Man and Kraven inspired by J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of the oldest Spider-Man fan wishes that has yet to come true. Kraven the Hunter will be its titular character’s live-action debut, and where Kraven will go next is a mystery. Still, compared to the long-rumored Sinister Six movie, a Kraven’s Last Hunt adaption would be much more exciting.
How exactly Sony’s Spider-Man villain films will tie into Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies remains to be seen. Venom 2, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Morbius strongly suggested that all Sony’s Spider-Man villain movies will take place in a different universe from the MCU. It is also possible that the “Venomverse” introduces its own Spider-Man, especially because Kraven the Hunter's Rhino confirms this is not Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man universe either.


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