Logan"s Secret Meaning Revealed 6 Years Later By Indiana Jones Theory

6 years after Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was permanently retired in Logan, criticism of his Deadpool 3 return prompted by James Mangold's comments has changed the reading of the movie's ending. The X-Men berserker will make his reappearance in Ryan Reynolds' MCU sequel despite being killed at the end of 2017’s Logan. Inevitably, that news proved popular, though not with everyone.
An insightful viral tweet has thrown shade at Jackman’s Wolverine return after James Mangold admitted he wished Jackman wasn’t in Deadpool 3, no matter how inevitable it was (via Variety). The Indiana Jones 5 director's comments were backed up by Sam Gavin on Twitter who pointed out the insult to Logan’s subtextual meaning about Wolverine’s legacy:
Gavin points out that reviving Wolverine for a cynical “action figure fight” repeats Logan’s message in replacing Jackman’s Wolverine with the soulless clone. Fundamentally, the sentiment is that Deadpool 3’s use of Wolverine goes further than undoing his perfect ending: it’s an insult given the conscious framing of Logan’s swan song.


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