Marvel Phase 5 May Finally Kill The MCU’s Original Avenger Streak

Marvel's Phase 5 may end a major streak for The Avengers in the MCU. First assembled in 2012 by SHIELD Director Nick Fury, six original heroes were brought together in a crossover that made cinematic history. However, this current phase of Marvel films could end a longstanding record, marking a true transition away from the first iteration of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
As seen in Avengers: Endgame which served as the end of the Infinity Saga, three of the original six Avengers were removed from the present MCU. Black Widow sacrificed herself so Hawkeye could gain the Soul Stone while Iron Man used all the Stones to undo Thanos' Decimation, an act that took his life as another major sacrifice. Meanwhile, Captain America chose to stay in the past after returning all the Stones, remaining in his original time to be with Peggy Carter. While the surviving Avengers were all featured in Phase 4 with the dawn of the Multiverse Saga, that may not be the case with Phase 5.


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