Forget Clark Kent, Superman: Legacy"s Lois Lane Casting Choices Are What"s Really Exciting

The casting candidates for Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy are equally - if not more - exciting than those for Clark Kent/Superman. Given that James Gunn recently confirmed a January 2024 production start date in an interview with WIRED, it was inevitable that the casting details for the film would soon come to light. While no names, or even shortlists, have been confirmed by James Gunn or DC Studios, some of the front-runners for the film's major roles have recently been announced.
The candidates for both Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy are the most discussed areas of the film's main cast, as was expected to be the case. While, naturally, the casting of Superman after the sore loss of Henry Cavill in the role is taking precedence, the candidates for Lois Lane remain just as important. For this reason, the names offered up as potentialities for the role of the Daily Planet's top journalist are just as exciting as those for the titular Man of Steel.


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