Strange New Worlds Season 2 Premieres In 1 Month, Carol Kane Joins

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 arrives on Paramount+ in 1 month, and the Star Trek on Paramount+ Instagram marks the occasion with a spotlight on one of the new characters joining the Starship Enterprise. Premiering Thursday, June 15th, the highly-anticipated Strange New Worlds season 2 continues the voyages of Captain Christopher Pike's (Anson Mount) USS Enterprise. The entire cast from season 1, all of whom became fan favorites, are back for Strange New Worlds season 2 except for Lt. Hemmer (Bruce Horak), who tragically died in season 1.
Star Trek on Paramount+'s official Instagram account celebrates 1 month until Strange New Worlds season 2's premiere by highlighting Carol Kane as Lt. Pelia. A legend of stage and screen, Kane plays the Starship Enterprise's new Chief Engineer, replacing the late Lt. Hemmer. Check out the post below:


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