Star Wars: The 20 Most Powerful Sith

Star Wars couldn't have asked for a more foreboding cabal of villains than the dreaded Sith, many of whom vary in power in both Legends and canon. These nefarious individuals wield the immense power of the dark side of the Force, in direct antithesis to their Jedi competitors. As a result, the two factions have fought relentlessly for thousands of years, building up a series of pivotal moments in the history of the Sith Order.
Over time, the Sith have become more powerful as they unlock secrets of the dark side, and certain practitioners have gone down in legend as the best of the best. These fearsome foes channeled all their hatred, malice, and passion into the dark arts, wreaking havoc across the galaxy in both continuities. It is worth noting that many of the more powerful Sith Lords are reserved for Star Wars Legends, but many impressive feats are accomplished in canon, as well. Here are 20 canon and Legends Sith, ranked by their dark power.


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