1 Star Wars Species Is Immune to the Jedi"s Harshest Rule

The Jedi Order of Star Wars is characterized by many harsh rules its adherents must follow, and perhaps the hardest to obey is the rule against attachments. The Jedi recruited children as early as possible in order to keep them from forming attachments that might lure them into temptation and darkness. However, there is one species who didn't obey this rule, since there was no way the Jedi could enforce it.
This is demonstrated in Star Wars: The High Republic - The Blade #3, by Charles Soule and Jethro Morales. In the issue, Barash Silvain reveals to fellow Jedi Porter Engle that her people, the Kage, remember their lives from birth. That means that despite being taken as a child, she remembers the love and care of her family and is seeking to recreate it. Indeed, the existence of a species like the Kage that have evolved an ability for hyperthymesic memory from birth alongside Force potential shows how restrictive and unnecessary the Jedi Code has always been.


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