Spock"s Wrath of Khan Death Returns - But This Time He Has a Solution

Warning: Contains spoilers for Star Trek: Defiant #3!Spock has found himself in a situation similar to the one that led to his death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan–but now he has a better solution to the problem. Spock famously sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise in the second Star Trek film, and in Star Trek: Defiant #3, he is confronted by a scenario much like the one that killed him. However, this time Spock has an unexpected ace up his sleeve.
The issue is written by Christopher Cantwell, drawn by Angel Unzueta, colored by Marissa Louise and lettered by Clayton Cowles. The Defiant has just suffered damage at the hands of an Orion scavenger ship. The ship’s warp core has been breached, and Spock needs to restore its polarity. The warp chamber is being flooded with a special radioactive coolant; Spock must brave it if he wishes to lock down the polarity. Spock is talking to Lore, who is still in his prison on board the ship. Lore asks Spock if he is aware of what will happen if he enters the chamber. Spock assumes the question is rhetorical, but he tells Lore there is “personal precedent” for this—referring to his actions in The Wrath of Khan. Lore tells Spock he can help, but it will cost him “an arm and a leg.” When Worf returns to the ship, he learns Spock has restored Lore’s body–and used him to lock down the polarity.


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