New Deadpool 3 Set Photo Spoils Death of 1 Major Character

Photos from the set of Deadpool 3 revealed what appears to be the death of one major Marvel character.
New Deadpool 3 Set PhotosPhotos shared by The Mirror on Dec. 3 spoil what looks like the death of Sabertooth, the iconic Wolverine villain.
The first of the two photos shows Deadpool holding Sabertooth"s severed head. He seems to be standing in the sandy plain seen in set photos from before the actor"s strike this past summer.
The second image features Wolverine in his iconic blue-and-yellow suit fighting the villain. Deadpool 3 marks the first time this suit will be worn in live action.
MarvelFans might recognize Sabertooth from 2000"s X-Men, as played by Tyler Mane. The long hair and recognizable angry expression in the movie look similar to the decapitated head Ryan Reynolds" Deadpool is holding up in the new photos.
Furthermore, the punch from Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine in the X-Men movie appears to be the same move being used in the set pictures for Deadpool 3.
This story is still developing. Please check back soon for more!


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